Greece… British expat’s most demanded destination for affordable houses

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The number of British expatriates seeking property in Greece has increased as people are looking for ‘affordable houses’. spoke with a real estate expert to find out why “Greece is the word”.

Greece is quickly becoming a top destination for most British expats, thanks to its beautiful weather, amazing beaches, and friendly people. According to Christopher Nye, senior content editor at Property Guides, demand for Greek property has recently increased.
According to Christopher Nye, senior content editor at “Property Guides”, demand for Greek property has recently increased.

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“Greece has gone from being our seventh most popular abroad trip to our fourth most desired,” he explained.

While Spain is the most popular Mediterranean destination for British expats, Greece, according to Christopher, has been always very close to their hearts.

“Greece has always been a popular alternative for Brits to move to” he said.

“Mama Mia” is an ITV series produced in 2016, and adapted from Gerald Durrell’s autobiography about his phenomenal family life on Corfu.
It captivated audiences of all ages with its description of the characters’ ideal living on a magical Greek island.

“The locals are nice, especially towards the British,” Christopher added, “and the property is incredibly reasonable, just recently increasing from very low pricing.”
“You also have a vast range of places to choose from, including over 200 inhabited islands.”

There are other popular spots like Crete, Rhodes, Spetses, and Lefkada, and each has something unique to offer.
Expats who prefer to avoid the tourist hordes can consider visiting one of Greece’s calmer islands, such as Kasos or Kastellorizo.

Thessaloniki, on the Greek mainland, is an excellent choice for people seeking a combination of beach life and urban city.

“The Greek economic crisis did not leave the world with a good image,” Christopher added, “but that has been corrected by their quick and effective reaction to the epidemic, which allowed tourism to return far before other foreign locations.”
Greece’s tourist economy recovered faster than other sectors, and the country has announced plans to expand into winter tourism.

“Above all, it is the amazing lifestyle on offer in Greece that continues to entice us,” Christopher remarked.

The Greek diet is one of the healthiest in the world

The Greek diet is one of the healthiest in the world, emphasizing fresh foods.
Experts say the diet, which is high in vegetables, fish, and yogurt, helps to avoid heart disease and stroke.

“Greece wants us!” Christopher said to They provide a variety of visa options for retirees and others, including a low-cost golden visa.

“Whether you’re looking for an affordable vacation stay or a permanent move, Greece is the place to be.”

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